Stress Management

In a world where hassle is as normal as breathing, where you have to struggle daily to get by each day, where we are plagued by epidemics and pandemics, stress has become an inevitable part of life. And if you want to have a quality life, stress management has to be a part of your lifestyle.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, the chief psychiatrist at Serene Mind Clinic, says from his experience, “Around 74% Indians are suffering from stress. More than 50% of all corporate employees are at least moderately stressed”

How Does Stress Affect Your Life?

  • Causes headache, chest pain, muscle tension, and fatigue
  • Changes your sex drive and sleep pattern
  • Causes problem in digestion
  • May cause you to adopt unhealthy food habits
  • Makes your irritable, angry, and restless
  • Can lead to anxiety and depression
  • Can cause you to lean on alcohol and drugs for soothing
  • Makes you socially distant

Overall, if you feel stressed on a regular basis, it can diminish the quality of your life exponentially. 

How Can You Manage Stress

  • Try to maintain a disciplined lifestyle with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and 7-9 hours of sound sleep.
  • Disengage from electronic media and spend some time with your friends and family.
  • Develop and nurture a hobby.
  • Save some time for yourself to practice meditation or mindfulness.
  • Don’t use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco as a way to escape your feelings.
  • Many people benefit from aromatherapy and massage.

When To Seek Medical Help For Stress Management

If you feel stressed more than 3 days a week, you are at a high risk of developing chronic stress. Consult a psychiatrist before the situation worsens. In addition, if you feel physical symptoms like headache, digestive disorders, chest pain etc. which cannot be explained by physical diagnostic tests, the not-so-subtle reason behind it could be stress. You can get relief from these symptoms with psychotherapy and some medication.