Sexual Disorders

Sexual behavior can be very versatile with different fetishes, kinks, and likings. But if a sexual behavior becomes compulsive or disruptive to your normal healthy life, it can be classified as a sexual disorder. Dr. Manoj Kumar, the chief psychiatrist at Serene Mind Clinic says from experience, “Most people go through a phase of psychological sexual dysfunction in their lives. 

Common Sexual Disorders

Pain Disorders, also known as dyspareunia, is the pain that occurs in your genital area before, after, or while having sex. It is a pain that does not have any physical roots but is triggered by arousal.

Aversion Disorder is disinterest towards any kind of sexual activity and aversion or disgust towards any kind of genital contact with a partner. Not to be confused with asexuality, Sexual Aversion Disorder is a psychological challenge in a naturally sexual person.

Orgasm Disorder, technically called anorgasmia, is the dealy or inability to climax during sexual intercourse despite sexual arousal and adequate stimulation.

Sex Addiction is the dependence on exessive sexual activities to an extent that it disrupts your regulat life. Withdrawing from sex even for a small span of time can cause distress, anxiety, and irrational behavior is sex addicts.

Paraphilia is the urge or engagement in sexual behaviour with objects, activities, or situations that are not typically considered ‘normal’for humans. This can include pedophilia (sexual attraction towards children), voyeurism (observing an unaware victim while they are doing something private), exhibitionism (exposing their naked self to strangers), etc. 

When To Seek Psychiatric Treatment For Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders can have both physical and mental roots. Before considering psychiatric treatment, it will be wise to visit a general physician to rule out physical disorders. Sometimes, the disorders have both physical and mental causes. If your sexual behavior is keeping you from enjoying a healthy sexual relationsip or is affecting your social life, it is time to seek treatment and enhance the quality of your life.