Phobia is a mental disorder characterized by irrational and excessive fear of an animal, activity, person, situation or object. The degree of fear can vary from annoying to dread. The source of phobia is very specific and limited in each person. If your phobia is preventing you from living your normal life, seek medical attention.

There is no reliable source of a global estimate of people suffering from phobia but in the USA, it is estimated to affect 1 out of 10 people.

What Are The Common Types Of Phobia?

Simple Phobia: Simple or specific phobia is the most common type of phobia. Someone with this phobia can be fearful of a specific animal like snake, spider, etc. or a certain environment like elevators, planes, etc. or a specific person like a clown, police, etc. This kind of phobia is partially inherited and partially triggered by environmental factors.

Social Phobia: Social phobia, better known as social anxiety disorder, is the fear of being judged, humiliated, or exposed in front of people. The severity of this condition can be anywhere between fear of performance to fear of existing in the society.

Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia is the fear of participating in any social activity from which you cannot suddenly exit like concerts, movie theaters, or trains. When people suffering from this condition are exposed to these situations, they can even get a panic attack.

When To Seek Treatment For Phobia

If your phobia is severe to an extent that you cannot function in your daily life normally and it is impossible to avoid the trigger source, you would benefit a lot from seeking medical care. Phobia is treated with antidepressants, tranquilizers, and beta-blockers along with behavioral therapy like exposure therapy.