Personality Disorders

A person might have a personality disorder if their behavior or thoughts are atypical to the extent that they form unhealthy and problematic social relationships. They have a distorted perception of reality which can affect others in an intensely negative way. Personality disorders are genetically predisposed and triggered by environmental factors. Patients start showing symptoms of this disorder during their teen ages or early adulthood. Approximately, 9.1% of the global population suffer from some personality disorder.

Most Common Personality Disorders

Antisocial Personality Disorder – characterized by unempathetic behavior (like cheating, stealing, falsely accusing) towards other members of the society to satiate their own cause.

Borderline Personality Disorder – characterized by feeling abandoned even after adequate support from the community, leading to impulsive behavior like substance abuse, gambling, etc. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder – characterized by a compulsive need to follow an order deemed fit according to their own judgment.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder – characterized by exaggeration of their own achievements or excessive bragging and an insatiable need for admiration.

Paranoid Personality Disorder – characterized by extreme and unprovoked mistrust of people or activities; a feeling of “something’s out there to get you”.

When Should You See A Psychiatrist

Because of lack of awareness, personality disorders often go undiagnosed and untreated. This causes the patient and/or the people around them to lead a challenging life. This is why it is crucial that you talk to a psychiatrist if you consistently feel ‘out of the place’ or have difficulty ‘fitting in’. While there could be many other social reasons for ‘feeling different’, it is always wise to talk to an expert and rule out any personality disorders. Similarly, if you have a friend or a family member who in your judgment is having a difficult time ‘coping’ or is ‘making life difficult for you’ consider talking to an expert to know if psychiatric treatment could help.