Mobile Addiction

When children use their smart devices so much that it affects their mental and physical health and hinder their growth and development. It can lead to anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, sleep problems, neuro problems, poor social skills, language problems, obesity, etc. 

Symptoms Of Mobile Addiction In Children

If you suspect that your child might be addicted to phone, note of you see these symptoms in them:

  • Spends as much time as possible on the phone.
  • Gets agitated when the device is taken away from them.
  • Gets angry when they are interrupted during their time online.
  • Can never keep their phone aside within permitted time for entertainment.
  • Grabs every opportunity to go online when parents aren’t watching.
  • Underestimates or lies about the time they spend using the phone.
  • Prefers online connection over connecting to people in real life.
  • Meets new people or makes a social circle online
  • Chooses screen time over homework, chores, and even health and hygiene.

While it is not possible to determine a specific limit of time beyond which it’s considered addiction, many teens these days feel like they are addicted to their phones. More than 60% of parents believe that their children are addicted to the internet.

How Can Serene Mind Clinic Help?

Bring your child in for a consultation if you notice some of the symptoms mentioned above. It is important to deal with addiction as soon as it is recognized. At Serene Mind Clinic, we offer therapy for children suffering from mobile addiction. Individual, group, and family therapy has shown positive results in many children. It is important to guide the child to find interest beyond 6 inches of screen. Developing hobbies like gardening, music, art, etc. and quality family time with board games, dinners, vacations, etc. are important to get a rein on mobile addiction.